I called Lloyd's for a second diagnostic opinion after the first ac tech spent 2 min in my attic and quoted me $685.00. He wanted to replace the circuit board and thermostat. After further inspection from Lloyd's, I learned that the first ac guy removed a fuse from the circuit board and took it with him. After Lloyds replaced the missing fuse. He realized the unit wasn't getting any power at all. He replaced the transformer ($35) got power to the unit and found that the circuit board and thermostat were both fine. I paid him $160 and he was on his way. My house is cold and everyone is happy. I appreciate Lloyd's honesty and I'm appalled at how this other company could be so dishonest. Thanks Mr. Keith
Buffy Dapprich
Ponchatoula, LA.
Lloyd's was very professional.
Carolyn Neal
Hammond, LA.
It went great called him, and he was there the same day. He had everythig he needed on the truck. He was professional, and had it done right away, haven't had any issues since. I have been using him for the past 20 years doing all my A/C and heating work with no issues. He is always prompt, and does professional work. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
Charlie Van Vrancken
Ponchatoula, LA.
Excellent! A valve had busted and leaked all of the freon out of the unit. He was here on time, had it fixed the same day, and I was cool in a matter of hours. Very knowledgeable and have used this business in the past and will always use in the future. Lloyd's Refridgeration responds quickly to my call, has everything in working order the same day, and guarantees all work to last. If you ever have any issues with heating and air ask for Keith he always charges fair prices and has everything working in no time flat!
Colby Schliegelmeyer
Ponchatoula, LA.
I called for help. Keith came out that afternoon and we were operational that day.
D. Hudson
Springfield, LA.
Very good they were very helpful
Darien Milton
Hammond, LA.
Replace 25 year old AC unit with AC heat pump Great service. Great price
Debbie Johnson
Springfield, LA
He's very honest & will only do repairs that are needed. Feel very comfortable with him in my house, will sometimes leave key for him if I'm not home. He makes appointments very quickly, especially if heat or a/c not working!
Donna Ribbeck
Hammond, LA.
Mr. Keith showed up on time and was very kind. He put up with all of my curious questions and answered them so that I could easily understand him. He's very professional and made me feel like I'd made the right choice. Around here though Mr. Keith has built himself a very good working reputation. I highly recommend him!! You will be very pleased with his work!!
Dorchelle Verdin
Ponchatoula, LA.
Keith quickly identified the problem and made the necessary repair. He was also a great source in providing references for other contractors that we needed.
Heather Carver
Ponchatoula, LA.
Excellent service, courteous and hard working. Also Mr Keith has the most organized truck I have ever seen! Ask for a pen!
Heather Martin
Ponchatoula, LA.
Thorough and dependable , professional courteous and trustworthy. Highly recommended
Kasi Renee
Ponchatoula, LA
He is always on time. Ones on last minute notice and is eager to help me. Has serviced my home from new construction toon to annual maintenance. I will not call anyone else. He is very fair on price and has always available even on weekends. I recommend him to everyone I meet.
Kenneth Martin
Ponchatoula, LA.
I've been knowing Mr. Keith since I moved here from Vermont in 1996 ,he has serviced Rosewood Mobile Home Park since before that for the Russo family . Very polite knowledgeable and available to help as soon as he's been called . I would highly recommend him for an homeowner or commercial property
Linda Billado
Hammond, LA.
He was excellent. He was professional and was very neat. He cleaned up after the job was done and you would not know anyone was here. His service after the job was prompt and perfect as he came right back out and made a minor adjustment. I had a wonderful experience with him and I would highly recommend him.
Melanie Stein
Robert, LA.
Mr. Keith was a GODSEND! He came very quick and got the job done! You will not regret hiring him!!!
Rhonda Hebert
Pumpkin Center, Hammond, LA.
Meticulous, goes above and beyond to make sure that things are done correctly. They just did a huge project for us and everything is great. Wonderful crew, very respectful, prompt, and I'd highly recommend them to anyone looking for great HVAC work
Robert V.
Keith did a complete install for us after removing the old unit. It is literally saving us from 200.00 - 325.00 per month with the new unit. Me and my wife are loving it. His knowledge in his field has made our house much more comfortable as well as the unit paying for itself with the savings we receive each month. Just wish I would have done it earlier. He did the job quickly and professionally with no complications. He beat other companies prices for the same unit and when the final bill was brought to me he informed me of an extra 500.00 rebate due to use. You wont be disappointed with Keith and Lloyds refrigeration.
Rodney Edwards
Holden, LA.
Mr. Keith and his wife were my Godsend today! My window unit went out last night, and he installed a new one today! They are such nice people, too!
Ruth Waltman
Hammond, LA.
He has been our refrigeration maintenance man for 9 Commercial Ice Vending Machines for 7 years & we could not ask for anyone better. He is always prompt and very efficient. Prices always reasonable. He has also done A/C & Heating work at our home. We would definitely recommend him Always great
Sandra Travis
Ponchatoula, LA.
Keith was the repair man and he was very polite and punctual. I am very pleased with his work.
Stanley Reid
Hammond, LA.
We have had Lloyd's Refrigeration (and heating/ac) as our sole go-to company for years. Always provide very prompt, knowledgeable service, with friendly, trustworthy professionals at a very reasonable price!
Steve Morvant
Springfield, LA
He came right away and had us up and running. I have used him in the past for an outside unit . His service and price can't be beat
suzette callais
Ponchatoula, LA.
Keith does wonderful reliable work!
Tina Ovino Ansardi
Ponchatoula, LA.
Keith, you are truly a blessing. Can't thank you enough for the caring service you provide to everyone, and especially prioritizing senior citizens needs, during the harsh weather seasons. Our community needs more people like you. Big fan!
Valissa LeBlanc
Springfield, LA